Project Outline


There are a number of major and minor events involving the Royal Navy in the Baltic region, listed below. They are not all equally important, and it is likely that it won’t be possible to cover them all at the same level of detail. So we will need to choose at the outset which ones we will concentrate on.

• The Expedition against Copenhagen – 1700
• Copenhagen – 1st & 2nd Battles – 1801-1807
• Admiral Saumarez’s domination – 1808-1815
• The Russian Problem – 1853-1856
• First World War – 1914-1918
• The Baltic Expedition of 1919-1921
• The Baltic Campaigns of the Second World War

There are links below to the relevant Wikipedia pages for each of these topics. Also available from the Topics menu on the main menu.

The Copenhagen expedition 1700 – An early start to the Great Northern War